Tracklist #EvolveAlbum

Announcement Tracklist Of #EvolveAlbum

Julian Calor is one of dance music’s hottest prospects and he is set to release his début album on Revealed Recordings, going by the name of ‘Evolve’ and with tracks featuring that we already have had a taste of.

So the tracklist for ‘Evolve’ has been revealed, and with sixteen tracks ready for us to let rip with, this is looking like it will be exciting times of Julian Calor. The release date of the album has been confirmed as May 1st, so only a few more weeks will have to be waited out before we can get our hands on it. And the good thing is, we have only heard a handful of tracks, such as the title track ‘Evolve’, the original mix of ‘Typhoon’ (album has a vocal mix) and his latest hit ‘Cell‘. So the anticipation is high with what to expect from Julian Calor, and ‘Evolve’ will be a milestone for the young artist!

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